About Me - Michelle Teti

My Background

 I have over 20 years experience in the video industry. My past duties have included: production manager, floor director, field producer and even script writer.  Recently I decided to focus my attention on promoting the teleprompter side of my skills. I love to get out in the field, work with new people and bring my diverse background to different productions.

Utilizing a teleprompter will help eliminate script concerns so there's never a worry during your video shoot or event.  I can save you valuable time and money by eliminating the need for VIP's and talent to memorize lines.

My through-the-lens prompter is used when it is necessary for on-camera talent to deliver the lines directly to the camera. The prompter is mounted directly to the camera plate and tripod and the camera sits directly behind the glass.  The prompter monitor can also be set up on a stand, off camera, for 'interview' style shooting. 

My experience includes: live events, meetings, conferences, CEO presentations, PR, media training, healthcare, political, studio production, cable networks and more. I have worked with a number of notable people including: First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah, Sekou Andrews, Peyton Manning, Governor Jared Polis, Lance Armstrong, Tim Tebow, Jonas Hill, Tatum Channing, Colorado Governor Hickenlooper, Andrea Mitchell, Rehema Ellis, Jeff Corwin, John Cleese, Clive Cussler, Dr Art Ulene... and many more. My equipment is very portable and easy to set up. It can be used with most any model of camera including mini DV formats and digital SLR cameras.  Please call for availability and rates.  

If you want to see if a prompter is right for your next production, give me a call!