I have a wealth of experience in a wide-variety of situations. Give me a call and see if I am the perfect fit for your project. Chances are, I'll be able to not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations. 
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Services Offered:

New, Portable equipment that's fast and easy to set-up
Tripod mounted and Freestand prompter available
Professional prompting software including PowerFlip for PowerPoint Presentation
Through-the-lens prompter with ultra-clear glass that's clear enough for HD cameras
Mounts for full size cameras as well as mini-dv cameras
On-site script editing for last minute changes
Thumb drive for last minute script uploads
Off camera monitor stand
Access to presidential prompters for live events and presentations
Access to additional prompters for multicamera shoots
Competitive pricing
Experience with CEO's, professional talent, non-professional talent, doctors, trainers and more

The following is a list of cameras I've successfully mounted to my prompter rig:

HDX900, F900, 700A, CineAlta, Varicam, HVX200, HPX300, Red One, Arri 535 film camera, XDcam, SDX900, Z1U, V1U, DVX 100, D30, C300, 7D, 5D and I'm probably missing a couple too!

I've also used my prompters for Interrotron style interviews.  And, I can work without my prompters if you need me to feed to downstage monitors.  

 If you don't see something on the list, call and we'll  discuss the possibilities.

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We are connected to a wealth of other services.  In addition to our prompter services, if you are looking for other crew people...DP's, audio, grip and additional equipment please visit our partner